The Story of Two Sisters and Kaari Foods

The Story of Two Sisters and Kaari Foods


Growing up in Southern California, fresh fruit and vegetables were always on our plates, but it wasn't until years later that we both became passionate about eating plant-based.

After dealing with gluten (Kellie) and dairy (Amanda) intolerances for years, we decided to cut the crap and pursue a cleaner, more plant driven way of eating. We both felt fantastic but missed the classic items we once loved, like caesar salads and ranch dip. We searched the shelves for an option that would fit both of our diets but continually came home frustrated. Everything on the market was full of artificial flavors and additives or contained egg derivatives.  We started to experiment with making our own dressings and once our non-vegan husbands tried the dressings and loved them, we knew we had to share with the world! 

Gone are the days of analyzing long ingredients lists or sacrificing flavor for health. No one has time for that! At kaari you always know exactly what you're getting.

We believe in using real ingredients, having real conversations and just keeping it real. 

xx Kellie & Amanda